Aluminium Operational Excellence (ALOPEX) Workshop 2017

Taking place on the 24th – 25th April 2017 in Dubai UAE, The Aluminium Operational Excellence Workshop (part of the ‘AEBICON Development’ series events) is the ideal knowledge-sharing and technology-showcasing platform that brings together professionals from various spheres within the Aluminium Industry spanning across the Middle east, European and African region  to address important issues, form alliances and close deals.

This ‘Knowledge Sharing’ event format promotes the interaction of participants through a series of brainstorming and Q & A sessions with core focus on the latest trends and current challenges in the Aluminium Industry.  The event will also offer selected companies with the opportunity to highlight their capacity in delivering their latest technologies, products and services to enhance market/product penetration.

Ranked at number 2 in consumption volume among all metals, the Aluminuim industry continues to see increasing growth. The constant rise in demand for Aluminium is owed to the diverse application of the metal across several industries such as in the Automobile, Power generation, Aviation, Packaging and Construction industry.

Experts have also forecasted that the rise in global demand for Aluminium will reach about 70 million metric tonnes per year by 2020 and thus, producers are thriving to ensure maximum output with the need for operational excellence becoming ever so important.

The ALOPEX Workshop 2017 is designed in a unique way to bridge the gap between key players in the Aluminium industry while simultaneously creating room for new technology to be showcased through Real Life Case Studies, Break-Out Discussion Sessions and Informal Business Meetings.

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